Coming home to Stampede 66

We’re wrapping things up and we’re less than a month away from opening!

And we have a first look at your new home away from home.

We’re currently in the throws of recipe development, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy our smoked chicken and sweet potato dumplings too.

[photo by Brilliant Pixel Photography]

Or my mother Eulene’s buttermilk pie with nitro shattered Texas grapefruit.

[photo by Brilliant Pixel Photography]

On the other side of the restaurant, we’ve got our taco bar. We’re talking real tacos made from scratch. My sister Alena (executive chef of Taqueria Canonita  is in town from Galveston to oversee our taco development.)

We’ve hired our management too. Meet our general manager, Shawn Horne.

Also joining the family are Linda Mazzei as our Private Dining & Sales Manager who was with us at Star Canyon and Aquaknox, John Thogerson as our executive sous chef who was with us at Stephan Pyles as a sous chef, Alex Astranti as a sous chef from Bonnell’s in Ft. Worth and Katie Settle as our pastry chef who came from Lonesome Dove in Ft. Worth.

It’s the final 3 weeks of construction and things are just about ready to come together.

Stay tuned for next week. We’re getting closer to the official opening! Get ready for a few snapshots from my trip to Spain too!

(edited: February 11, 2013 at 10:42am)