Introducing Stampede 66

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As some of you know, our newest concept, Stampede 66, is scheduled to open in early October. Think modern Texas with a casual, creative and high-energy ambience. The menu will consist entirely of familiar Texas dishes but each will be re-interpreted with a contemporary twist.

We have selected our executive chef and it was a natural choice. Our current execu-chef at Samar, Jon Thompson, will make the transition from cardamom and curry to chiles and chicharon. The kitchen will serve as much Texas-sourced product as possible and my years of research into Texas culinary history will be fully utilized. We have already begun the sourcing of wild native products such as Agarita Berries, Turksap and Red Mulberry. We will be using seafood exclusively from the Texas Gulf Coast and poultry such as dove, quail and wild turkey, will all come from Texas farms or the wild.

Construction is under way, and the kitchen, bathrooms and screened porch are now being framed.

This ceiling structure will represent a warm, summer Texas night sky. As the classic song goes: the stars at night are big and bright – deep in the heart of Texas! Imagine the full moon scattering its beams through the trees as you dine on honey-fried chicken or the best bowl of chicken and dumplings you’ve ever had.

Stampede 66 is all in the details. Take a look at the framing of this bathroom, for example.

If you think back to Star Canyon, you may remember the branded tiles on the ceiling. At Stampede 66, we will brand tiles on the wall by the bathrooms. Each tile will contain the unusual name of a city in Texas, and yes, there are some “doozies”. Ever heard of Mobeetie, Poteet or Looneyville? Certain cities just have to automatically be placed together, such as Needmore and Cash. Wait until you see some of the other combinations…you might just forget you had to go to the bathroom.

Stay tuned for next week’s post.